Who we are
What We Believe
Our Principles
Bhapi® arose from the intention to offer people a non-toxic, secure, social media app with friends and loved ones.

What drive us

We recognize that relationships significantly impact our happiness and mental health. Being socially connected can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, boost self-esteem, provide comfort, joy, and prevent loneliness.

Conversely, the absence of reliable, safe, and healthy connections can have adverse effects and pose serious risks to mental and emotional well-being.

Bhapi® was created to provide a happier virtual space and promote a healthier state of mind while interacting with friends and loved ones. We prioritize shared truths, privacy, and respect, and actively oppose offenses, bullying, harassment, racism, hate, intolerance, and negativity.

We are passionate about fostering a happier and safer world for everyone.

The Company

Founded in 2020, Bhapi® recognized the unprecedented health, social, and economic crisis triggered by a pandemic. At that time, we realized the critical need for a genuinely safe digital space on social media.

“Bhapi started with a conversation within my family. My sister, who works with people with special needs, was alarmed by the negative impact of the pandemic and global social crises on them. She felt overwhelmed and had to withdraw from family chats and social media channels to avoid toxic content. This highlighted to me the profound impact of the content we consume on our mental health, anxiety management, and overall happiness. It underscores the importance of regaining control over our lives.”

– Mick Esber (Founder)

Bhapi® Inc. is a U.S.-based company (Delaware) with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Australia.

Michael Esber is securing our children's future by creating a secured virtual environment for them.

Meet The Team

At Bhapi®, we value the richness of exchange to cultivate an environment of respect and innovation, which is why we embrace multiculturalism within our company. We prioritize the opinions of our team members and foster a collaborative environment where trust and integrity govern all our actions.


Mick Esber
Mick Esber is the founder of Bhapi


Ivan Brisot
Ivan Brisot is the CFO of Bhapi.

Director of Marketing

Amanda Mariatti
Amanda Mariatti is the Director of Marketing at Bhapi


Ruel Mindo
Ruel Mindo is the chief technology officer at Bhapi.

Moving forward together

Making a happier and secured world, one message at a time.

If you’re an investor who believes in transforming social media interaction and is dedicated to ensuring digital safety for children and adolescents, please reach out to us.

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